Call for Abstract

International conference on Vehicle Fiber-Optics and Photonics Conference, will be organized around the theme “Expanding new horizons in advances of Fiber-Optics and Photonics”

Optics-Photonics 2018 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Optics-Photonics 2018

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1Optical fiber designs, materials and processing
  • Track 1-2New applications of optical fibers
  • Track 1-3Fiber optic probes
  • Track 1-4Micro and nano-fibers, fiber sensors
  • Track 1-5Specialty fiber (both silica and non-silica based)
  • Track 1-6Fiber amplifiers and lasers and active fiber components
  • Track 1-7Passive optical fiber devices and components
  • Track 1-8Optical fiber cables and connectors
  • Track 1-9Optical fiber measurements and propagation properties optical fiber coatings, optical
  • Track 1-10Extrinsic sensor and Intrinsic sensor
  • Track 3-1Active / Passive
  • Track 3-2Analog / Digital / WDM
  • Track 3-3Discrete / Integrated
  • Track 3-4Cable Assemblies (Fibers / Cables / Connectors / Termini / Splices)
  • Track 3-5Packaging
  • Track 4-1Point sensor and Distributed sensor
  • Track 4-2Beam Sensor, Diffuse reflective Sensor and Retro-reflective sensor
  • Track 5-1Analog (ULF to EHF)
  • Track 5-2Fiber-Based / Free-Space
  • Track 5-3Digital